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The probate process isn’t easy, but you’re not alone. Our free advisory services make the process of selling probate property in Florida much easier, so you can get the most out of any inherited real estate.


We Make the Sale of Real Estate Probate Assets As Stress Free As Possible

No one should ever tell you that being an executor or personal representative can really be stress-free because big decisions will indeed have to be made. As experienced Real Estate Professionals, we will make sure that you are always well-informed in regard to these choices – specifically as they refer to real estate. We will also help you with some of the challenging conversations you might have to have with members of the family and other heirs. 

If you have not yet retained the services of a qualified probate attorney, we can certainly recommend one. But lawyers don’t handle everything, so we’ll assist you every step along the way and do everything possible to guide you clear of the typical minefields. Of course, you’ll still need to make some challenging choices, but having us as an advisor on your side makes the task considerably less stressful.

Common Questions

Are you attorneys?

No, we are real estate professionals specialized in the sale of real property in probate.

Do you charge for consultations?

Never. We offer free, no-obligation consultations to anyone involved in the probate process where the sale of real estate assets are involved.

What is probate?

When a person dies, their last will and testament (assuming they prepared one in advance) is reviewed and their wishes for the distribution of their personal property implemented through a legal process called probate.

How long does probate take?

The length of the probate process is subject to lots of variables, but a rule of thumb is approximately six months. However, we can advise you on how to properly sell real estate during the process.

NO upfront Fees

Free Probate Help

Free no-obligation consultations

We offer free no-obligation consultations regarding real estate in probate

Free referrals

All our referrals are free, so you can deal directly with trusted third-party service providers or have us handle everything for you

Our interests are aligned

We only get paid if you get paid – whether you decide to sell your probate property to our network of investors or list your property. 

You're in control

Nothing is done without your approval, so rest assured your interests are being guarded

All in One Service Provider

What We Do for You

We offer free consultations for personal representatives, executors/executrixes, probate attorneys, and anyone involved in the probate process where the sale of real estate assets are concerned. We know the pitfalls and can help you avoid them. Whether prefer to sell fast or for the most money, it’s helpful to have specialized real estate professionals like us in your corner.

Real Estate Probate Sales

Selling real estate assets in probate can be tricky, but we aim to make the process as smooth as possible for you. Most people think their only choice is to list a home with a realtor, but there are other options available to you as well.

Working With Attorneys

If you are a probate attorney, we’d certainly like to get to know you. Plus, if your client has a property that is in probate and you’d like a no-cost, no-obligation market evaluation to determine it’s approximate selling price, we can help.

Estate Solutions

You shouldn’t have to take on the probate process alone. We can help with along the way, from clean out to closing. Besides a lawyer, your greatest resource are real estate professionals that understand the complexity of probate property sales.

Frequently Asked Probate Questions

There are a lot of terms and processes that you need to be familiar with to properly plan the sale of real estate assets in probate. Check out our glossary and frequently asked questions section to get a better understanding of probate.

Probate Resources

We provide value to our clients by being able to utilize our vast network of service providers, who can either help maximize the sale of your probate property or make it more stress-free. From cleaning crews to estate autioneers, we have the resources to help.

What’s Right For You?

The Two Roads to Selling Your Probate Property

We will help you identify what the most critical objective or goals are regarding the sale of your real estate assets in probate. Typically, most heirs have to decide whether they prefer to sell inherited property fast or list inherited property for the highest price. Each comes with its own pros and cons.

The Fastest Sale


The Highest Price

Scenario 1: Sell your probate property fast

If liquidating assets as quickly as possible is the most important factor, then we can supply instant cash buyers from our list of certified investors. This allows your to sell your probate property in as-is condition. Often, this is essential to allow a surviving spouse to move into a preferable area, deal with medical or other expenses, or merely get the asset funds into the hands of the heirs rapidly.

Our investors can frequently make offers within 24 hours on practically any property and can close as quickly. Often, funds can even be advanced prior to closing. Naturally, timelines are regularly based on the courts and filing timelines which are beyond our control, but our efforts minimize these delays whenever possible.

Investors in Network

Average Days To Close

Hours For Cash Offer

Scenario 2: Sell your probate property for the highest price

For some heirs, time is not an issue and the primary focus is getting as much money as possible for the real estate in probate. In that case, the best option is to make any necessary repairs and list the probate property

We’ll make certain the property is not just listed properly, but marketed intelligently to assure maximum exposure. First, you’ll learn what the property is approximately worth on the open market, if you are willing to wait for the ideal buyer. Additionally, we’ll help you determine possible repairs (if any) that may add more value than it costs. To put it simply, we’ll help you get the best bang for the buck.

Typically, ill-informed sellers spend far too much on repair work that does not even cover their costs when they sell the property. This is where our experience, preparation, and savvy marketing abilities enter into play.

Average Days on Market

Average Days To Close


Average Commission, Closing Costs & Fees

Free Real Estate Evaluation

How Much Is My Probate Property Worth?

Our mission is to help families and heirs feel taken care of when it comes to the proper sale of probate assets, including real estate in the decedent’s name. To get started and receive a free probate property evaluation, just fill out our simple form below. Our staff will get to work, finding how much the property can sell for on the open market, how long it would take to sell, plus how much you could get if for it if you decided to sell quickly to our network of cash buyer investors.

Are You Overlooking Crucial Details?

Have you confirmed that all assets owned by your loved one have been discovered? Let us perform a thorough asset search for any financial accounts or physical properties owned by your parent or relative that may have been previously hidden.

A number of our service providers can help Personal Representatives or Administrators with tasks that are vital to the process. There are a lot of minefields when it comes to probate — and we can help you avoid them.

For instance, most people are unaware that when a loved one passes and their house becomes vacant, home insurance policies need to be changed. If not, you might be paying for a policy that won’t actually cover any issues that arise with the property. In this case, we can connect you with insurance representatives who can recommend appropriate options to protect your soon-to-be inherited real property, while it goes through the probate process.

No one should be navigating through the probate process alone. Our company was built to help people in this situation. Reach out to us today and find out how we can help you get through it with less stress and more peace of mind.

We Work With Attorneys Too

Are you a probate attorney, estate attorney or family law attorney? We work particularly well with lawyers — think of us as a utility belt for solving your clients’ probate problems and getting them the most for their assets.

Usually the attorney of record has one of two roles: they are either assigned to the job by the court or chosen by the family or executor/personal representative.

If you have been court-appointed, then your role is normally focused strictly on the legal concerns regarding any transactions and dispersal of real estate and assets.

If your services are retained by the family or the executor/personal representative, your role usually extends to a more advisory role too.

In many cases, the family or executor/ personal representative will prefer to have all aspects of the probate to be managed entirely by the lawyer. In these cases, we’ll deal with you as “the client,” concerning the probate real estate, just as we would with the executor/personal representative.

We have invested considerable time and effort to build a network of reputable service providers, who can assist families with all the nitty-gritty of liquidating real estate assets in probate. We’re the central spoke in a wheel that delivers valuable probate services to executors and heirs in times of high stress. And we also distinguish our level of service from other “general” real estate agents and investors who are not as specialized in this niche.

We would welcome the opportunity to work alongside you and help your clients. If you’d like some general information, please review our list of frequently asked probate questions

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We help Florida families going through probate in Miami-Dade County, Broward County and Palm Beach County. We are able to advise you on the sale of real property in probate. Reach out to see how we can help you sell your Florida probate property.

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Boots on the Ground


Do you live far away from the real property in probate? We can be your local eyes and ears. Many times, we’ve helped out-of-state heirs through the sale of their probate property without them ever having seen it. That’s because we film video walkthroughs and offer full transparency in everything we do.


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Not only do we offer free, no-obligation consultations, but we never lock you into any contracts — you can walk away at any time. We are confident that we will provide you with unmatched service, so you’ll want to keep working with us.


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We work hard to provide a valuable service and we won’t rest until you feel your probate situation has been properly and fully handled. Selling real estate in probate isn’t typically a pleasant process, but we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our service.

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