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At Probate Advisors, we help heirs, administrators and personal representatives sell probate properties

We have assembled a group of qualified, local service providers that each have comprehensive experience and expertise in dealing with your specific probate needs.

Our team will be there for you every step of the way. There are a lot of moving parts in  probate. We offer a wide array of probate services to help you during the process.

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Asset Discovery Services


Adjusting Insurance Coverages


Debt Reduction Negotiation Services


Appraising Personal and Real Property


Auctioning Personal Property


House Cleaning Services


Item/Trash Removal


Selling Real Property


House Repair Services


Personal Property Restoration


Private Money Program


Next Generation Planning

Certified Probate Expert

Alexandru Celea

As a REALTOR ® and real estate investor, Alexandru Celea has been active in the real estate industry since 2014. When his father passed away, he was left scrambling to figure out how to best deal with the probate process, inheriting real estate, and selling assets to settle claims. During that trying time, he learned that being the Personal Representative or Administrator of a loved one’s estate can be a frustrating and difficult obligation. Alexandru founded Probate Advisors to help you avoid the stress most administrators experience.

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